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Our Legacy Style Covers are a simple solution to cover a window well when the window extends out and above the well.  Made from  the same UV protected polycarbonate, these covers will allow sunlight through, while keeping out the elements and debris.  Hinged to the home and locked into the well, these covers provide protection from the elements and debris and at the same time allowing light into the home.


All of our window well covers are manufactured using UV stabilized polycarbonate and can be made into any configuration.

RHINO easy egress window well covers are manufactured and built in Denver, Colorado with components manufactured in the USA. All of our well covers are manufactured from nearly indestructible Makrolon  polycarbonate.  Our waste materials are recycled locally so as to maintain a truly green manufacturing environment.

​All of the window well covers that we manufacture are easy basement egress capable, in order to maintain code necessities and safety aspects. RHINO easy egress window covers provide a product that allows the light in, while keeping debris and water out!


Any Shape. Any Size. Custom Made.
This cover provides the safety and security that you are looking for in a custom cover, at an economical price. Constructed of UV treated polycarbonate and aluminum, this cover is designed to withstand both Colorado weather and the harsh UV rays that discolor other covers. Sloped to move water away from the house as well as to provide the ventilation needed to prevent condensation which can lead to mold and mildew, it is easy to see why so many choose this cover.

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Legacy Style Covers

Custom Window Well Covers


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...Fit my Well? Yes we can! RHINO covers are manufactured in Denver, Colorado using a computer generated cutting system. Every cover  is cut on a state of the art CNC computer driven router so that your cover is a precise fit. Every time. Does your window extend above the top of the well? We can build for that, and we can even build a cover that is code compliant for a window that swings into the well.
We can fit any window well; metal, concrete (rectangular, 5-sided or 7-sided), plastic, fiberglass, wood, stone...you name it, we can fit it.

...Fit my Time Frame?Yes we can! RHINO covers are manufactured, year round, in Denver, Colorado. We don't template your well and send it away to be built. Local manufacturing reduces the time from build to installation. Our typical turnaround time is 6 to 10 business days. That means we measure, cut, build, and install in that time frame.

...Fit my Budget? Yes we can! At RHINO, we strive to be the most competitively priced custom window well covers in the market! We price each cover individually according to size, style, and options. We don't believe that you should pay one high price for all your covers. Because we build locally, there are no additional shipping costs that are built into the price of your covers. Our estimates are always free and there is never a travel charge. Need to watch your costs? You can even pick up your covers and install them yourself! Your budget is always our foremost priority!